Thank you to Rowntree Public School and Khalsa Malton for inviting me to speak about my journey to Miss Teenage Canada to the students. I had a great time inspiring young students to strive for their best and reach for the students. I was invited to present on Indian Heritage Day by one of the teachers at the school. The students asked me great questions about how I entered the competition, and how I proceeded to win the title of Miss Teenage Peel 2018. In addition, I also gave many tips and tricks that helped my throughout school. I gave them motivational speeches and ways to make their school career more worthwhile! The biggest message I want to give to young girls is that they can study and also follow their dreams. Education is really important, however, it is also very crucial that one develops other crucial communication skills. Being well rounded is very important as that helps you become a better individual in the workplace!

Written by: Jinkle
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