Prime Asia TV is a punjabi based channel. I was invited to give an interview in Hindi about how I earned my title of Miss Teenage Peel 2o18 and my preparation for Miss Teenage Canada. I did a small photoshoot with them at my house and had an interview with my entire family. My parents were also part of the interview, and expressed how they had felt about my journey and some of the hard times that they had felt. I wanted the main message of the interview to be to let parents allow their kids to express their individuality and allow them to follow their dreams. I also wanted to take the stigma away from modelling, and show how modelling is not all about beauty, and that inner beauty is also very important. I was able to share my platform, and how I was going to serve the community. I am very thankful for the opportunity, and hope to have another interview soon!

Written by: Jinkle
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