When I was a child my avo would always say, “The prettiest thing about yovavau should be your heart”. Growing up with that kind of mentality has really contributed into transforming me into someone who values an individual’s character rather than their appearance. My grandmother is the most inspiring, selfless, and strongest person that I know. To me, when I look at my avo, I see beauty.

As society develops, so do we; we begin prioritizing the wrong things in life. When we were children, our problems consisted of trying to colour inside the lines; however, now our problems involve the three “f’s”: fashion, fame, and fortune. Having the latest fashion trends, and trying to maintain our social status’ are becoming our primary issues in life.

Have you ever walked down the streets of downtown and noticed a homeless person sitting on the street a couple of blocks away? What did you do? “Oh wait…”, you pondered, “If I give him change, he’ll probably use it for drugs”. There. Decision made. Avoid eye contact. Pretend he’s not there. He’s wearing rags and sitting on the floor; he looks like he hasn’t showered in weeks, so he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human because he doesn’t look like one. If you have done this, you have prioritized appearance over character. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves to others; however, some people do not give them the chance to because their appearance may not be up to society’s standards. The person wearing rags could be more beautiful in spirit than the person sitting next to you in a suit carrying a brief case. With that said, being beautiful is not associated with having money.

When I was aPicture 001 (2) child, my mother would give me $5 allowance for cleaning my room every week, which was equivalent to being rich in children terms. Sometimes when I was a child I would donate my $5 by buying a homeless person a sandwich and giving it to them without even thinking twice about buying myself a lollipop instead. Usually it’s a child’s natural instinct to give instead of to take just because their minds haven’t been corrupted by society yet. They don’t look at a homeless person differently than they look at themselves.

You make ask how our values have changed from when we were children to now. This is because as we grew older, we began to become more exposed to the media which unfortunately, does more harm than good. In this media-based society, we cannot help but involve ourselves with the wrong ideas of what is means to be beautiful. Being beautiful doesn’t mean looking like Kendall Jenner; instead, being beautiful means being you. As media evolves, so is the word “perfection”. Society is constantly trying to reach this unattainable idea of “perfection”. Perfection doesn’t exist in humans because making mistakes is human nature. It’s not about how many mistakes we avoid, but about how we pick ourselves up and recover from them; It’s not about being a person of high status, but instead, it’s about being a person rich in spirit. Being beautiful is not having the “perfect” body, or the “perfect” hair; instead, being beautiful means having a heart of gold.

Until next time, xoxo

Monique-Miss Teenage Peel 2016

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1.”Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present.”- Bill Keane

This quote by Bill Keane represents my attitude towards life. I consider myself to have a thoughtful and positive personality that enjoys the many perks that life has to offer. With that said, I am a “the glass is half full” type of gal and am definitely the person to come to when in need of motivation.

Once upon a time, there was a six year old girl who loved to dress up and pretend she was a princess. She would wear her plastic crown everywhere she would go while only responding to the name “Princess Monique”…. Hi, my name is Monique; also known as the girl in the short story me (2)above; also known as Miss Teenage Peel 2016. I have always had a big, creative imagination which has contributed to my personality as a whole by making me an open minded person. As you can tell, nothing has really changed from when I was young, wearing my crown around the house, to eleven years later and still wearing a crown. The difference between the two crowns is that the one that I am currently wearing is, not only bigger and better, but represents the responsibility I have for my community. I plan to use my title to its full potential by helping others be the best version of themselves.

Before I take you on this journey with me through Miss Teenage Canada, let me take you behind the scenes of my life and tell you about my backstory and how I got to this specific milestone in my life. On August 3rd, 1998, I was born in General Hospital located in Toronto, but moved to Mississauga, where I currently reside in, in 2001. I am the daughter of Maria and Rick and come from mixed heritage o046 (2)f, both, Portuguese and Croatian-which makes it twice as interesting during the Fifa World Cup. I am an only child which has had its advantages and disadvantages throughout the years. Being an only child has made me an independent individual who I am proud to be. Yes, playing house may have gotten boring at times considering the fact that I usually played by myself, but overall I enjoy being an only child.

pI currently play the Piano and have been learning to play for eight years. It is something that I enjoy doing because it challenges me in many ways. The feeling that I receive when I learn a new song is equivalent to the feeling that someone gets when eating ice-cream to mend their broken heart: satisfying. The way that each key has its own sound, however relies on the other remaining keys to make a complete song, relates to human existence in general. For example, every human has their own individual personality but relies on others to better themselves. By surrounding ourselves with other people, we are able to, not only learn about others, but about ourselves too. For this reason, I am a strong believer in individuality.

Besides playing the piano, one of my many other hobbies is traveling. I love learnIMG_1566 (2)ing about different cultures and languages because it enables me to be a well-rounded individual. The destination that I would love to cross off traveling on my bucket list would be exploring Hawaii. I would describe myself to be a very adventurous person that loves trying new things. I like challenging myself and putting myself out of my comfort zone  so I can grow mentally as an individual.

Of course I am only seventeen, therefore, there are many things that I still have yet to accomplish; in fact, I am still in the process 414 (3)of graduating High School. With that being said, My story is yet to be complete and I hope you will continue on this journey with me by reading my future blogs and staying connected with me by doing the following:

1. Liking my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missteenagepeel2016

2. Following me on Twitter/Instagram: @misspeel2016


Until next time, xoxo,

Monique- Miss Teenage Peel 2016





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“It is good to have an end to the journey; but it is the journey that matters in the end!”

The time has come, time to say goodbye. It is hard to believe that this journey has to come to an end. It feels like it was yesterday when I was crowned. A year has gone by and I can say without a doubt that it has been the best year of my life. It has been one of the best journeys in my life, a journey I will never forget.

Isha (78 of 109)IMG_1129

January 25 2015, the best day of my life. The day when I was crowned. I still remember getting crowned, it was like a dream. I came home and I couldn’t sleep, I remember I had an exam the other day but I was too excited to think of anything other than how amazing the following year was going to be. For days nobody could convince me to take the crown off of my head. I was so proud of myself, my achievement. I felt different, I felt confident. Miss teenage Ontario has changed me for a better me. A me that is proud, confident, fearless, a me that is truly happy.

crowning moment Isha (28 of 109)

 I remember all the events I went to. I would look for opportunities where I could show off my crown, opportunities when I could represent my community, be role model, an inspiration. It would be lie if I said I didn’t enjoy the attention. But of all I was happy that I was a person whose words, actions could influence people’s lives. Being able to go to marathons and community events and so much more. I remember the media interviews and being able to fund raise for free the children. This pageant has given me an experience that I will remember for life UPICA


DSC08142 - CopyIMG_6157image3829

11856255_967135273307894_3516786093205673184_oWho knows how 6 months went by and before I knew it, it was nationals. The best week of my life. I took so much from a week, I took life long skills, life long friends and life long memories that I will never forget. Each day was a day I didn’t want to end. From the rehearsals, to the photo shoot, to the interview, to going to Niagara falls, to the best bus rides with my friends, to going to a magic show, to going to the zoo, to going to the mall and restaurants, the lists goes on. Before I knew it, it was preliminary and then the talent show and then the finale. When my name was called for top 21, I couldn’t believe my ears. Being able to go to top 21 with one of my best friends, I remember screaming, laughing, going crazy. Then winning Miss teen people’s choice, which would not have been possible without my family, my friends and you guys!

11146476_1627630817454737_2531718629489696216_o 11781886_961910643830357_6184210452558794328_n 11807249_1627316300819522_7759531665906613981_o 11817179_963147873706634_7313099343843670827_n 11822550_1627630694121416_536197347811805439_n 11826023_1627630794121406_4826274865830204579_n 11830927_10153443541197324_383818653_n 11845177_1627050180846134_1202570995055623052_o 11870830_967135113307910_1797957948749751965_nIMG_0071


IMG_1124Here I am 6 months later, on my couch about to cry because it is unbelievable that a year could be so beautiful. There has been so much I have learned. To all the girls crowned, first of all congratulations, make this a year, one that you wouldn’t want to forget. Work hard, be yourself and live this year to best. Have fun, be an inspiration and make a difference. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. I was so excited to go back to the place where this beautiful journey of miss teenage peel began. I was excited to crown other girls hope their journeys will be full of fun, joy, and so much more!

FullSizeRender IMG_1125 IMG_1126 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1176IMG_1192

ICACII just want to say thank you. Thank you  Michelle for making a pageant that changes people’s lives, thank you to my parents who allowed this journey to be possible, thank you to the friends who didn’t stop supporting me, thank you to the best friends I have made during this year, thank you to my entire family because I love you, thank you to the best sponsors ever who truly thought I can do something. Thank you to you guys, to all of you that have followed me through this journey. This journey isn’t over instead it is a beginning to a new journey. The next chapter of my live: Miss Teen Ontario American Beauty. I really hope that you would follow me through the next chapter and chapters of my life. I love you and as sad as it is to say goodbye, I am happy to start something new.


I love each and everyone of you, and thank you for making this the best year of my life! <3


-Isha,  Miss Teenage Peel 2015

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On 7th august 2015, day 5 of miss teenage Canada, we were all very lucky to be able to have lunch at the Richtree Market tacos and burrito’s stand. I got a very fulling burrito, and I was so excited it was my first time to ever try burrito’s and let me tell you it was awesome. It was the perfect lunch, with right amount of everything. the best part was that it was made fresh on spot, how cool is that.


Richtree is a restaurant that operates 4 market-style, open kitchen restaurants. The best part is it is all across Ontario- the Toronto Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Mississauga.


The service of the restaurant was so quick. They served all 82 girls in about an hour even when they were making it on spot. There weren’t enough seats when a few went to go start eating and in about 5 mins the manager arranged us booths. In general the service was over the top quick and great.


Thank you so much to Richtree market for letting me try burrito’s for the first time and providing with delicious lunches. Be sure to visit Richtree for a great meal and to follow and like them on their social media’s.


Richtree Website: http://richtreenaturalmarket.com

Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket


There is one thing for sure and that is I ready to go back, the question is are you?

I would like to thank all our amazing sponsors for providing us with food, services and products!
DAY 3 :

Lone star provided us a delicious meal on day 3, soo good. First time experience and I was ready to be back!!https://www.facebook.com/lonestartexasgrilletobicoke

DAY 4 :

EGGlicious for the fabulous breakfast, amazing service and such a welcoming place on . Thank you http://egglicious.com/

Mississauga Canoe Club for an amazing group experience on the dragon boat!! https://www.facebook.com/mississaugacanoeclub

Thank you Greg Frewin Theatre for allowing us to see the amazing magic show and providing with the best buffet ever !!https://www.facebook.com/gregfrewintheatre

We were the first ever group of miss teenage canada to ever visit Naigra falls, which was so pretty with all the lights.https://www.facebook.com/CityOfNiagaraFallsCanada

DAY 5:

Thank you Bowmanville Zoo for letting me get over my fear of animals, I even touched a cub of lion and tiger!!https://www.facebook.com/BowmanvilleZoo

Thank you to eaton centre mall, so pretty!

Thank you to richtree market for allowing to try my very first burritto of my life, it was so good. I want to go back already. Definetly suggest going there if you are ever hungry. https://www.facebook.com/RichtreeMarket

Thank you yorkdale for amazing gift cards. Sucha pretty mall to shop in.https://www.facebook.com/Yorkdale

Thanks a ton to Medieval Times for hosting a yummy dinner with an amzing show. Definetly worth it!https://www.facebook.com/TorontoMedievalTimes

‪#‎MTC2015‬ ‪#‎missteenagecanada‬

Till next time

-Isha, Miss Teenage Peel 2015

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Day 3 of Miss Teenage Canada- there is one word I can use to describe this day and that is REHEARSALS!!! It was so much fun. We learned a lot of things, like walking and standing. We even started learning our opening number. Though I am not a huge fan of the song, I love the choreography thanks to the amazing choreographer, Shawn. For the first time in 3 days we got to step outside and walk over to Lone star which is a mexican place and I ate Mexican for the first time. It was delicious!!



Day 4 of Miss Teenage Canada- We were up, ready to go at 7:00 in the morning. Then we ate delicious breakfast at Eggilicious full of veggies and scrambled eggs. It was soo good. Then we left to go to port credit area in Mississauga where there was a gorgeous lake! We took a tour around the lake, we even saw ships, people fishing. Then we stopped and did some pageant practice with Marc which was very funny. Then we went to a boating area. Since we were in the second bus, we ate first and then we got to go on the dragon boat. It was so much fun to be in a group and do group activities, we played tug of over with other boats, and raced and we sung. It was just a great time!!! Then we were surprised when after a 2 hour drive we arrived to Niagara falls. Where we went to go watch the amazing Greg frewin’s magic show we ate dinner there. We even got a picture of all ustogethor and then late at night we went to go see the falls. They were so pretty with all gorgeous lights. After we came and slept like a baby!

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Hi everybody!!

So the nationals week has started with a great start!!

On day 1, I arrived at around 3:00 and then we waited and chatted with everyone until we were taken to our rooms and met our room-mates. There was a few problems due to everything happening this week in Toronto. At around 6:00, I was finally be able to go to my room but couldn’t meet my room mate as she was in a ping pong tournament, by the way her name is Natasha. After an hour, we got to go upstairs to meet our lovely sponsors for the week such as Golden Glamour Goddesses, and Bells and bows , we got our numbers and shoes and some great products from sponsors. My roomate arrived later and it was great meeting her.


Day 2

Day 2 was full of waiting. We started our day at 9:00 in the morning. We got delicious breakfast. Then we waited a very long for hair and make up but in the meanwhile I got to talk to all the amazing ladies. Then I got my make up done by amazing Louisa Daiz, she was honestly such a sweetheart. I got my hair  done and once we were done I went down for the photo shoot, which was so much fun, I truly felt like a model. Then I went for my interview which was a ton of fun. The judges are so nice and then we went for dinner, the food was so good and then to finish the day off I went for my video shoot where I answered 2 questions (which took a million retakes lol! 🙂 ) But all in all the entire day was so much fun.

11217551_1627220890829063_639213521196805822_n 11807249_1627316300819522_7759531665906613981_o 11826051_1627253610825791_3475078159313345528_n 11831661_1627220897495729_7587015290608460868_n

I am enjoying so much here, its truly a time of a lifetime.

Thank for reading, till tomorrow

-Isha, Miss Teenage Peel 2015

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Hello again lovely people,

Everyone has a past, a story and so do I. Though my past is a story that I didn’t have the courage to share, but I will now because if my story can save one person’s life my mission will be accomplished. My story is the reason why I chose it.

2009: Immigration to Canada

It all started when I first came to Canada in 2009, when I was only 9 years old. Going to a new school is always nerve wrecking for me. The stress of making new friends or being a loner for the rest of the school year, or trying not to embarrass myself. Especially now that I was in a new country where I had to speak a different language. At that time I didn’t know how to fluently talk in English since all my life I spoke Hindi. Other kids took advantage of that. It started with a group of girls which eventually lead to the entire school. I was verbally bullied and got put down in so many ways. Like they would make fun of the way I spoke and my accent, my skin and that “I didn’t belong here.” They would pick the smallest things to torture me with. They would use my vulnerability to their advantage. It didn’t help that I wrote cursive and nobody could read it. I was alone, hurt and annoyed. I didn’t make any friends that year and I have no idea how I went through the most torturous year of my life.

216553_204927459528683_8046911_n 735448_509175662437193_548162187_o215719_204929832861779_3139295_n

2010: Moving to a new school! 

So in 2010 I moved to a different house in a different city. New house, new city means new school and the stress of trying not to be a loner (again). In the summer of 2010 before I moved to a new school, I focused on trying to improve my English and the way I write. I did improve but people didn’t stop putting me down. The same things, the way I look, what I eat, how I do things and so on. This caused fear in my mind that is still there now. I can definitely say that I am afraid to be judged after these events. Though I did end up making 1 friend the comments didn’t stop and the thing is they never do but because I was so new to this I didn’t know how to deal with these gossips but the best way is to leave them alone.

217633_204926789528750_2325735_n 217046_204929689528460_6686558_n218103_204928739528555_1745317_n

2011- 2012: New start to New education 

At the end of grade 6 I got an opportunity to be enrolled in extended French program, my parents love the idea and so in grade 7 it was a new school but same fears.  The good part about moving to this school was I knew what I had to do in able to not be made fun of and that was to simply by becoming popular or at least that’s what my escape was. The problem again was how? For the first year I made lots of true friends and slowly the want to become popular took me to different kinds groups. It was like a social ladder that was important to climb in able to not be bullied, or made fun of. In grade 8 this friend and I were in the higher social status and I was so happy because I thought that these are my real friends. Though the reality was they weren’t and they never would have been. Some of them were only friends with us for” backup.” It didn’t take too long for them to betray me. Still I thought they are my friends because if I didn’t think that and let them go, I would be back to square one from where I started to being a loner

942632_589612321060193_872166136_n1044238_589612547726837_524120334_n (1)

2013 – popularity being stripped off 

At the end of grade 8 my parents decided to put into the Catholics extended French school because it was way closer than the other school, it had uniform which meant discipline and it had a good rating. But there was a problem none of my other so called friends were coming and that was the reason I never wanted to that school. I fought, begged everything but at the end I ended up to the catholic school. I was sad, angry, annoyed, scared but mostly depressed just thinking of what would happen.  When I went to the math camp before held by the school, I found the friends I first used to hang out with. The funny part is that even when I ditched them they didn’t mind having me back. My real friends were always there to support but I never/ didn’t want to notice them. We made another friend. In grade 9 we were a group of 4 and we weren’t popular but I was happy with who I was friends with because I could be myself. They made me feel beautiful in who I am and made me a stronger person. It didn’t just stop there. All the events like being bullied and being betrayed had made me so weak of person that with stress and exceptions, I was soon lead to depression. At one point I blamed everything I did. I made it hard for me to live, it was impossible to sleep with nightmares scared of those times to come back. I started being irritated, rude annoyed. It was just one of the worst and darkest times for me. I didn’t tell anyone thinking that they may think I am a psycho. See the fear of being judged. This is what happens when someone gets bullied, or put into a stereotype, it makes them mentally weak.

IMG_6069_2 IMG_6170IMG_6197

2014- A chance to prove something 

At the end on 2014 meaning middle of grade 10 My dad provided me with an opportunity of going to the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant. I never thought pageants could be  my things but for once I wanted to do something for myself, try something new and just have fun so I made it through the several interviews and paperwork. But again I was scared of the fact that people will judge like they have for the longest time. I want to thank Miss Teenage Canada pageant that gave me the opportunity to meet the nicest people on earth who don’t categorize you. This pageant has made me realized that not everyone is the same, we are all different and unique, the pageant has made much more confident and made me feel beautiful in who I am. Miss teenage Canada has give me my self esteem that I lost because of a couple of kids.

crowning-2-236x165 DSC07533 IMG_0521

What it means to me? 

To me spreading my platform means saving tons of people going through the same path as me. Though my depression wasn’t at its worse, it could be for others. Making fun of people, bullying a person or judging a person can really destroy the individual to a point that it can be lead to suicide. I want to spread confidence and the message of being strong to the bullies and the individuals being bullied.

What I would do as Miss Teenage Canada to promote that platform?

If I become Miss Teenage Canada, it would allow me spread my platform to people all over Canada and the world. It would give me the opportunity of spreading Miss Teenage Canada’s motto that relates to my platform- be your own kind of beautiful. I would be able to raise awareness to what such small things like gossiping can do and I would be able to spread confidence to everyone getting hurt and those hurting (because nobody just hurts for no reason). We all need to reminded that we are all unique, beautiful, different, strong people to not have to harm others or let us be harmed by others. So as miss teenage Canada I would do as many events as possible not just in my province but travel to different provinces and spread what I truly believe in, I would take my platform to a national and even international levels.

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Today I want to share with you all one of my amazing sponsors Urmi Panchal who owns a  beauty centre called Butterfly Bridal Studio. She does all kind of beauty treatments such as:

  • hair,
  • airbrush makeup,
  • henna design,
  • bridal and prom
  • waxing
  • threading
  • facial
  • skin treatments and etc


She is so generous that she offered to sponsor all my beauty requirements hair cuts, hair styling, eyebrows, make-up etc. I definetly recommed her because she is very talented and kind.


If you would like to book an appointment call her at: 6478087390 or email her at vipulpanchal@yahoo.com


Till  the next time

spreading love and beauty

-Isha, Miss Teenage Peel 2015


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Recently I was invited to perform in the celebration of national Canada and America day where all the media and press was invited. I got to perform 3 dances. Along with performing I even got to raise awareness for my platform, the charity I am fundraising for Free the children and the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant in which I will be taking a part in. I got a chance to go around and give everyone sponsorship packages because there were business owners present as well. After a couple of days I even got a few calls in which 2 of them are now my sponsors: House of Loraine and TSOC. It was a great way of celebrating Canada day! There were even mayors and people from the government involved. All in all it was a great event full of awareness.

10257886_947038951984193_4092042170679779562_o 11696571_947038945317527_4477042174174311144_o




Till the next time,

spreading love and awarness

-Isha, Miss Teenage Peel 2015

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