Growing up I struggled with art and creativity. I considered myself to have a big imagination but I, unfortunately,  never really knew how to put my thoughts and ideas onto paper. As I grew older, so did my capabilities. Therefore, with that said, I have become better at making my dreams and thoughts a reality. When I saw that one of our blog assignments included designing a Miss Teenage Canada banner, I was excited for the challenge.

I wanted to make my design simple while having it “say a lot” without having it “say too much”. Women are naturally and simply beautiful and do not need makeup and expensive clothing to make themselves beautiful. With that said, like women, this design did not need a lot to make it perfect and I wanted to make that noticed. Less is more and I am proud to share my banner design.

Thank you to the generous people at Sign Source Solution for donating a roll-up banner to the organization of Miss Teenage Canada.


Written by: Monique
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