Hello everyone, my name is Jinkle and I am so thrilled to be your new Miss Teenage Peel 2018! Last year around this time, I had no idea that my dream of becoming a finalist would become a reality, I decided to give it a shot and here I am today writing this blog! I am 18 years old, and am studying Psychology at the University of Toronto. This is the first of the many pageants that I plan on participating in.

          I was born in Gujarat, India, but have spent the last 16 years in Canada. My family has always been very involved in the events around the community, as well as various cultural events. While growing up, I spent most of my time at the local community centre taking swimming, skating, soccer, basketball and gymnastic lessons. In addition to this, I also took singing and classical dancing lessons. Winning the Peel title means a lot to me, as I have spent the majority of my life exploring this area. I grew up attending all the city events for Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, etc, so to get a chance to represent my city at events with this title is more than a dream come true!

          With this title, I hope to bring awareness to reduce the stigma behind mental health. I will be volunteering at shelters and will work with people who are suffering from mental disorders. As well, I will be giving motivational speeches at different organizations about the importance of education and post-secondary education. As well as speaking to the youth, I will also be interacting with parents and will answer any questions or concerns they have regarding the generation gap between themselves and their kids.

          So far on my journey, I have done a few television and radio interviews, been featured in some newspapers, participated in fashion shows, photoshoots, gave speeches, done a few ads and have attended women’s day conferences. I continue to look forward to use my title for not only my personal benefit, but also to contribute to my community. Not everyone is given such an opportunity, for most it remains just a dream, so I will not let any second go to waste, and will always accept new challenges and opportunities that come my way with a positive outlook.

          I want to thank my friends and family who have supported me on my journey so far, especially my mom, who was the reason I decided to apply for this pageant in the first place. That’s all for now, but I would love for you to follow my journey through social media. Feel free to leave any comments or contact me on social media, I would love to chat with you. Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog, there will be many more to come! Until next time, bye!

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2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun!

As a regional delegate from Ontario. I arrived at 3:30pm, from Mississauga Ontario.

At 6:30pm we arrived into the ballroom at the Airport Holiday Inn in Toronto to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada. I could not help but feel excited and anxious at the same time, considering the fact that I was surrounded by fifty five beautiful delegates from all over Canada. The evening consisted of laughter, smiles and, not to mention, a lot of hugs and “nice to meet you’s”. The ballroom was lit up with, not only beautiful chandeliers and beautiful smiles, but tables where some of our generous sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada set up and provided us with the most wonderful gifts. So… meeting new friends, taking pictures all day and receiving free gifts from sponsors? Yea, you can definitely say it was a great start to a great week. IMG_5255

Archer Dental

“The prettiest thing you could wear is your smile.”-Unknown

1467749491016All day I could not help but smile. Being apart of such an amazing event and organization is surreal so sometimes I find myself pinching myself to make sure this is not a dream. Being a delegate for Miss Teenage Canada, it is important to have beautiful, white teeth that sparkle just like our crowns. Great looking teeth and clean oral hygiene is important;  especially when you are standing on stage in front of judges, family and friends. Thats why, thanks to our generous sponsors from Archer Dental, us delegates are able to look and feel our absolute best by helping make our smiles just a little more bright and glamourous.



Okay, okay, I have to admit that I have a little obsession when it comes to clothes. I love fashion and always have ever since I could remember.  I have always enjoyed watching and learning fashion and what it stands for. Truth is, fashion does not have a rule book, as so my ten year old self thought. Instead, it is all about the individual and their confidence in the clothing she/he is wearing. Fashion allows people to step out of their comfort zones while looking unique and beautiful which is what Nuvango provides. Nuvango is a beautiful clothing company that offers unique and original clothing. Seeing a pile of clothes on the table and having the opportunity to choose one of the clothing pieces was the most difficult decision. All of the pieces were so beautiful in their own way which made it almost impossible to choose from. After a while of trying to decide, i had finally came to a decision. I chose this original crop-top that I am so excited to show off in the streets. Thank you so much to the people at Nuvango for your kindness in sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada and providing us, the delegates, with beautiful clothing pieces.IMG_5238 (1)


#nuvango #nuvangostyle

V.P.I Canada

I found my Large Frame Retro Ladies Sunglasses(3901) https://www.vpicanada.ca/SUNGLASSES/large-frame-IMG_5235ladies- for sunglasses-3901/ For sale online for twenty eight dollars plus shipping and handling only. So excited to wear them out, as they will save me from the bright, summer sun with its 100% U.V A&B protection. Thank you so much V.P.I-Canada, I will make you proud. Here’s a picture of me rocking my new fabulous sunglasses at a gathering with my fellow Miss Teenage Canada delegates.

Rimmel London

Rommel London is a girl’s best friend when it comes to feeling fierce and confident. Their makeup products are long-lasting and amazingly satisfying and I definitely rimmel-london-198x100recommend their products to all who want to feel great in their own skin. You can find the team on Instagram & Twitter: @rimmelllondoncan, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RimmelLondonCanada


In today’s society, social media is popular world wide. Having the technology that we do makes it a little more easier to spread my platform and title across Canada. Hashtagio is a social media aggregator and user generated marketing platform that was present at our welcome party event and displayed our pictures live on the screen using the hashtag #MissTeenageCanada2016. Just when you thought it could not get better…It does. They make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto.


Sweets Canada

IMG_5221Everyone loves chocolate; from dark chocolate, to milk chocolate to chocolate filled with cranberries, Sweets Canada has it all. Just when you thought they could not get any better, they do because the chocolate is topped off with fine sprinkles of flower p
edals. Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was present at the welcome party providing us girls with gift bags and samples of edible flower chocolate bars and gourmet chocolate bars.

The dark chocolate with edible flower bars had a rich taste along with a sweIMG_5343 (1)et touch. Every bite was felt like I was trying it for the first time all over again because each bite was equally as tasty. It was, honestly, the best chocolate bar that I have ever tasted. Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is an amazing company that provides everything from makeup and nail polish to hair products. lCFgGR9GIt is a convenient store that includes quality products at reasonable prices.

Website: https://ca.sallyhansen.com/

Instagram & Twitter: http://@sallyhansenca

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy

July brg-logo-green20th, 2016 was the first time that I have golfed and I had a blast. I surprised myself and did well for my first attempt which I am very proud of. We had lessons from the welcoming gentlemen at Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy by the names of Ian, Jonathan and Mario and learned a lot from them.IMG_5340 They were present at the welcome sponsors party as well and provided some details about the location. I defiantly recommend Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy for anyone who wants to have a relaxing and adventurous time while learning how to excel in golf.

Archer’s Arena

At the event there was a bow and arrow and we all took turns trying to hit the target that was set up in the ballroom. We all shared some laughs and smiles because it was an experience trying to hit the target. I am so thrilled to play Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday, July 21, 2016 and make some more great memories. Make sure to look for the hashtag #archerytag Thursday night. 1468367299686

Bata Shoe Museum

On Tuesday, July 19 we visited the Bata Shoe logo-bsm-bkMuseum which was a very educational experience. The most interesting thing was seeing Shaquille Owhic’neal’s shoes. We learned that his shoe size is twenty two  I thought was very interesting.


http://@batashoemuseum  #batashoemuseum

Fishd By EDO074eKfud_400x400

instagram/twitter/facebook: @fishdbyedo


Yogen Fruz

On these hot summer days in Toronto I would definitely recommend visiting Yogen Fruz. They offers delicious and fresh tasting frozen yogurt at a reasonable cost. I am so excited to receive my fifteen dollar coupon for Yogen Fruz in my Miss Teenage Canada prize pack.








Storia PR Inc

During the welcome sponsors party us delegates got the privilege to  introduce ourselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto. These ladies are involved with the Search For Miss Teenage Canada and have the responsibility of retweeting and amplifying the media we create.





StoriaPR-250x88 Continue reading

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Growing up I struggled with art and creativity. I considered myself to have a big imagination but I, unfortunately,  never really knew how to put my thoughts and ideas onto paper. As I grew older, so did my capabilities. Therefore, with that said, I have become better at making my dreams and thoughts a reality. When I saw that one of our blog assignments included designing a Miss Teenage Canada banner, I was excited for the challenge.

I wanted to make my design simple while having it “say a lot” without having it “say too much”. Women are naturally and simply beautiful and do not need makeup and expensive clothing to make themselves beautiful. With that said, like women, this design did not need a lot to make it perfect and I wanted to make that noticed. Less is more and I am proud to share my banner design.

Thank you to the generous people at Sign Source Solution for donating a roll-up banner to the organization of Miss Teenage Canada.


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“Make your heart like a lake, with calm, still surface, and great depths of kindness.”-Anonymous

As humans we are blessed with our great five senses: Seeing, touching, hearing, tasting and smelling. They contribute to our memories by triggering certain familiar senses. In my opinion, the greatest attraction to visit in Mississauga is Port Credit; a relaxing neighbourhood seen as a “vacation-type” location while only being five minutes away from my home. All five senses are triggered when I hear, see, touch, smell and taste something that reminds me of and brings me back to those special moments that I shared with my family at Port Credit.

Every Sunday to this day, my parents and I go to Port Credit to relax and take a break from our aaabusy lives to just enjoy with each other. We have a little secret spot behind the trees, on the rocks, alongside Lake Ontario, where us three set up our picnic blanket while enjoying the food that we all contributed cooking together. Every time I eat ice-cream, it takes me back to those moments where I would persuade my dad to buy my mom and I an ice-cream from “Dairy-Cream” located in Port-Credit. Whenever I hear geese, I remember the geese in Port-Credit fighting over the tiny bread crumbs I would feed them. Going to Port-Credit was like a home away from home. It was such a simple, nearby get-away that we all enjoyed and made into a tradition. Walking around in Port-Credit is like being in a movie. Everything in site is so beautiful that it seems too perfect to be real. While my parents and I sit on the rocks, I cannot help but think about how calm the waves of the lake are. Hearing the water clash onto the rocks brings me to a peaceful, and restful state of being. Sitting and listening to God’s natural creation is therapy for me which is why visiting Port-Credit once a week is necessary. Mississauga is a fast developing city, which is great. However, although it is becoming a city filled with malls and tall buildings, visiting places like Port Credit that “takes you away” from the city while still being in it allows people to take a break from their busy schedules for a moment and reflect on themselves.

Port Credit is the go to place on Canada Day, as it is where mostly all of the people residing in Mississauga attend on July 1st to enjoy the beautiful day. It is where the people of the big city gather together and act as one united community while listening to live music and participating in games. Port Credit has a special place in my heart and I plan to carry on my families’ tradition by sharing it with my future husband and children later on down the road.

My parents I spending Canada Day at Port Credit

My parents I spending Canada Day at Port Credit

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Entering into the pageant in July is one of the most stressful yet most exciting things that I have had to deal with so far. Being in Grade twelve, having a part-time job, volunteering, and participating in Miss Teenage Canada can be a lot on someone’s shoulders… especially if they don’t have financial support. Liuna Local 183, which is a union located in North York, Ontario, has been generous with their contribution to my participation in this pageant taking place in July by offering me a sponsorship. Not only are they supporting me, an individual trying to make a difference, but other’s who need support in the workforce as well. This blog post is dedicated to the people of Liuna Local 183 and I would like to make my gratitude towards the company known by sharing with you all the kindness in their hearts for showing me their major support throughout this important milestone in my life.

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When I was a child my avo would always say, “The prettiest thing about yovavau should be your heart”. Growing up with that kind of mentality has really contributed into transforming me into someone who values an individual’s character rather than their appearance. My grandmother is the most inspiring, selfless, and strongest person that I know. To me, when I look at my avo, I see beauty.

As society develops, so do we; we begin prioritizing the wrong things in life. When we were children, our problems consisted of trying to colour inside the lines; however, now our problems involve the three “f’s”: fashion, fame, and fortune. Having the latest fashion trends, and trying to maintain our social status’ are becoming our primary issues in life.

Have you ever walked down the streets of downtown and noticed a homeless person sitting on the street a couple of blocks away? What did you do? “Oh wait…”, you pondered, “If I give him change, he’ll probably use it for drugs”. There. Decision made. Avoid eye contact. Pretend he’s not there. He’s wearing rags and sitting on the floor; he looks like he hasn’t showered in weeks, so he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human because he doesn’t look like one. If you have done this, you have prioritized appearance over character. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves to others; however, some people do not give them the chance to because their appearance may not be up to society’s standards. The person wearing rags could be more beautiful in spirit than the person sitting next to you in a suit carrying a brief case. With that said, being beautiful is not associated with having money.

When I was aPicture 001 (2) child, my mother would give me $5 allowance for cleaning my room every week, which was equivalent to being rich in children terms. Sometimes when I was a child I would donate my $5 by buying a homeless person a sandwich and giving it to them without even thinking twice about buying myself a lollipop instead. Usually it’s a child’s natural instinct to give instead of to take just because their minds haven’t been corrupted by society yet. They don’t look at a homeless person differently than they look at themselves.

You make ask how our values have changed from when we were children to now. This is because as we grew older, we began to become more exposed to the media which unfortunately, does more harm than good. In this media-based society, we cannot help but involve ourselves with the wrong ideas of what is means to be beautiful. Being beautiful doesn’t mean looking like Kendall Jenner; instead, being beautiful means being you. As media evolves, so is the word “perfection”. Society is constantly trying to reach this unattainable idea of “perfection”. Perfection doesn’t exist in humans because making mistakes is human nature. It’s not about how many mistakes we avoid, but about how we pick ourselves up and recover from them; It’s not about being a person of high status, but instead, it’s about being a person rich in spirit. Being beautiful is not having the “perfect” body, or the “perfect” hair; instead, being beautiful means having a heart of gold.

Until next time, xoxo

Monique-Miss Teenage Peel 2016

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1.”Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present.”- Bill Keane

This quote by Bill Keane represents my attitude towards life. I consider myself to have a thoughtful and positive personality that enjoys the many perks that life has to offer. With that said, I am a “the glass is half full” type of gal and am definitely the person to come to when in need of motivation.

Once upon a time, there was a six year old girl who loved to dress up and pretend she was a princess. She would wear her plastic crown everywhere she would go while only responding to the name “Princess Monique”…. Hi, my name is Monique; also known as the girl in the short story me (2)above; also known as Miss Teenage Peel 2016. I have always had a big, creative imagination which has contributed to my personality as a whole by making me an open minded person. As you can tell, nothing has really changed from when I was young, wearing my crown around the house, to eleven years later and still wearing a crown. The difference between the two crowns is that the one that I am currently wearing is, not only bigger and better, but represents the responsibility I have for my community. I plan to use my title to its full potential by helping others be the best version of themselves.

Before I take you on this journey with me through Miss Teenage Canada, let me take you behind the scenes of my life and tell you about my backstory and how I got to this specific milestone in my life. On August 3rd, 1998, I was born in General Hospital located in Toronto, but moved to Mississauga, where I currently reside in, in 2001. I am the daughter of Maria and Rick and come from mixed heritage o046 (2)f, both, Portuguese and Croatian-which makes it twice as interesting during the Fifa World Cup. I am an only child which has had its advantages and disadvantages throughout the years. Being an only child has made me an independent individual who I am proud to be. Yes, playing house may have gotten boring at times considering the fact that I usually played by myself, but overall I enjoy being an only child.

pI currently play the Piano and have been learning to play for eight years. It is something that I enjoy doing because it challenges me in many ways. The feeling that I receive when I learn a new song is equivalent to the feeling that someone gets when eating ice-cream to mend their broken heart: satisfying. The way that each key has its own sound, however relies on the other remaining keys to make a complete song, relates to human existence in general. For example, every human has their own individual personality but relies on others to better themselves. By surrounding ourselves with other people, we are able to, not only learn about others, but about ourselves too. For this reason, I am a strong believer in individuality.

Besides playing the piano, one of my many other hobbies is traveling. I love learnIMG_1566 (2)ing about different cultures and languages because it enables me to be a well-rounded individual. The destination that I would love to cross off traveling on my bucket list would be exploring Hawaii. I would describe myself to be a very adventurous person that loves trying new things. I like challenging myself and putting myself out of my comfort zone  so I can grow mentally as an individual.

Of course I am only seventeen, therefore, there are many things that I still have yet to accomplish; in fact, I am still in the process 414 (3)of graduating High School. With that being said, My story is yet to be complete and I hope you will continue on this journey with me by reading my future blogs and staying connected with me by doing the following:

1. Liking my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missteenagepeel2016

2. Following me on Twitter/Instagram: @misspeel2016


Until next time, xoxo,

Monique- Miss Teenage Peel 2016





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“It is good to have an end to the journey; but it is the journey that matters in the end!”

The time has come, time to say goodbye. It is hard to believe that this journey has to come to an end. It feels like it was yesterday when I was crowned. A year has gone by and I can say without a doubt that it has been the best year of my life. It has been one of the best journeys in my life, a journey I will never forget.

Isha (78 of 109)IMG_1129

January 25 2015, the best day of my life. The day when I was crowned. I still remember getting crowned, it was like a dream. I came home and I couldn’t sleep, I remember I had an exam the other day but I was too excited to think of anything other than how amazing the following year was going to be. For days nobody could convince me to take the crown off of my head. I was so proud of myself, my achievement. I felt different, I felt confident. Miss teenage Ontario has changed me for a better me. A me that is proud, confident, fearless, a me that is truly happy.

crowning moment Isha (28 of 109)

 I remember all the events I went to. I would look for opportunities where I could show off my crown, opportunities when I could represent my community, be role model, an inspiration. It would be lie if I said I didn’t enjoy the attention. But of all I was happy that I was a person whose words, actions could influence people’s lives. Being able to go to marathons and community events and so much more. I remember the media interviews and being able to fund raise for free the children. This pageant has given me an experience that I will remember for life UPICA


DSC08142 - CopyIMG_6157image3829

11856255_967135273307894_3516786093205673184_oWho knows how 6 months went by and before I knew it, it was nationals. The best week of my life. I took so much from a week, I took life long skills, life long friends and life long memories that I will never forget. Each day was a day I didn’t want to end. From the rehearsals, to the photo shoot, to the interview, to going to Niagara falls, to the best bus rides with my friends, to going to a magic show, to going to the zoo, to going to the mall and restaurants, the lists goes on. Before I knew it, it was preliminary and then the talent show and then the finale. When my name was called for top 21, I couldn’t believe my ears. Being able to go to top 21 with one of my best friends, I remember screaming, laughing, going crazy. Then winning Miss teen people’s choice, which would not have been possible without my family, my friends and you guys!

11146476_1627630817454737_2531718629489696216_o 11781886_961910643830357_6184210452558794328_n 11807249_1627316300819522_7759531665906613981_o 11817179_963147873706634_7313099343843670827_n 11822550_1627630694121416_536197347811805439_n 11826023_1627630794121406_4826274865830204579_n 11830927_10153443541197324_383818653_n 11845177_1627050180846134_1202570995055623052_o 11870830_967135113307910_1797957948749751965_nIMG_0071


IMG_1124Here I am 6 months later, on my couch about to cry because it is unbelievable that a year could be so beautiful. There has been so much I have learned. To all the girls crowned, first of all congratulations, make this a year, one that you wouldn’t want to forget. Work hard, be yourself and live this year to best. Have fun, be an inspiration and make a difference. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. I was so excited to go back to the place where this beautiful journey of miss teenage peel began. I was excited to crown other girls hope their journeys will be full of fun, joy, and so much more!

FullSizeRender IMG_1125 IMG_1126 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1176IMG_1192

ICACII just want to say thank you. Thank you  Michelle for making a pageant that changes people’s lives, thank you to my parents who allowed this journey to be possible, thank you to the friends who didn’t stop supporting me, thank you to the best friends I have made during this year, thank you to my entire family because I love you, thank you to the best sponsors ever who truly thought I can do something. Thank you to you guys, to all of you that have followed me through this journey. This journey isn’t over instead it is a beginning to a new journey. The next chapter of my live: Miss Teen Ontario American Beauty. I really hope that you would follow me through the next chapter and chapters of my life. I love you and as sad as it is to say goodbye, I am happy to start something new.


I love each and everyone of you, and thank you for making this the best year of my life! <3


-Isha,  Miss Teenage Peel 2015

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